My Projects

Journey of Motherhood

Journey of motherhood is a social platform where users can share their thoughts on the available topics provided in the web app and if they sign up or login they have access to more features.

Blog App Using is the simplest and fastest way to create Django projects. With, you can easily create custom and professional-grade Django projects with just a few clicks. With this information we aim at achieving a Blog App where users can upload any Blog of their choice, see trending blog with verities of tag available. Visit for more information

GithubStats API

The GitHub Stats is a powerful tool designed to provide developers with valuable data insights related to their GitHub profiles, repositories, contributions, and engagement metrics. It offers a range of features that empower developers to gain a deeper understanding of their coding activities and track their progress over time. Having figuring out this vivid importance of the GitHub Stats we are trying to utilize the data gotten so that developers can make decisions and optimize their workflow pertaining to their respective github account.